It's date night, and that means you need child care. When you go out, your child needs adult supervision. But what about when you stay home? Being physically present in your home doesn't mean that you couldn't use some help now and then. 

Whether you have one child or you're having a group of neighborhood friends over, you may need an extra pair of hands on deck. That's where at-home child care services come in. From a regularly scheduled time to an emergency need, having a caregiver come over can help you out in a number of ways. 

While you may already know that an at-home caregiver can give you peace of mind, you might not know all of the situations that call for this type of service. When can you use at-home child care, even when you're still home? Take a look at some of the top reasons to hire a caregiver to come over and help out. 

1. Holiday Party 

You've been planning this in-home event for what seems like months. The caterer is coming, your guests have all RSVP'd and your living room is decked out in the most festive décor you could find. 

Even though this is a family party, you want the adults to have time for themselves. Like you, the other moms and dads need a break - that's exactly what you have planned. Instead of chasing after a group of kids while attending to your grown-up guests, hire an at-home caregiver to take the pressure off.

At-home group child care during a party serves two purposes. To start with, you have someone other than you or an adult guest to keep a close eye on the kids. Then, there's also the party aspect. You want your child guests to have a fabulously festive time. From running a relay race to reading holiday-themed storybooks, the at-home caregiver can take over and keep the kids busy. 

2. Sick Day 

At-home child care is a saving grace when your toddler gets sick and can't go to daycare. However, what happens when you're home with the flu? Chasing after your child, playing games with them and doing everything else that a parent does during their busy day isn't easy when you're sick. 

An at-home caregiver can ease some of your pain by taking care of your child when you just can't. Take a nap, curl up in bed and binge watch your favorite show or take a warm bath. You can have peace of mind in the knowledge that a responsible adult is keeping your child company. 

3. Date Night In 

It's not always easy to plan a night out. You may have in-home care for your kiddo, but getting dressed up, driving to a restaurant and waiting for a table to open up might not be the date you had in mind - especially after a day of finger painting, playing hide-and-seek and running through the backyard. 

Take the pressure off of date night and have it in your home. That said, turning your night for two into a party for three isn't the most romantic option. Instead of turning date night into family fun night (you can have one of these another time), let the caregiver play games, dress-up and anything else your child has on their agenda.

That frees you and your significant other up to have dinner at the dining room table - just the two of you. Then, you may even be able to have a conversation that doesn't involve diaper changes, preschool applications or carpools. 

There are a variety of situations where you can benefit from at-home child care. Don't hesitate to take advantage of child care services and contact Anytime Sitters today.