If you are planning to have a nanny care for your child in your home for the first time, then it is important to prepare for this visit well. While this preparation won't be difficult, it will help ensure your child's time with their nanny goes smoothly and is enjoyable for your child. 
Read on to learn four steps to prepare for your child's first in-home childcare experience. 

1. Prepare a List of Emergency Phone Numbers

It is important to leave a list of emergency phone numbers with your child's nanny. First, ensure you provide the nanny with your cell phone number and, if possible, the phone number of the location where you will be while away. This will help ensure that your nanny can reach you with any questions they have about your child, even if your cell phone becomes unreachable. It is also a good idea to leave the phone number of a trusted friend or relative (or several) in case your nanny has trouble reaching you on your cell phone or at your current location. 

Under these phone numbers, be sure to instruct your nanny to call 911 for any health, fire, or safety emergency that may occur while you are away. Write down your home address next to this instruction since providing the 911 operator your full address will help expedite the arrival of emergency services. 
Finally, leave the phone number and address of both your child's pediatrician and the nearest hospital for any non-emergency health problems your child may develop while you are away. 

2. Gather Activities for Your Child & Nanny to Enjoy Together

Gather a few of your child's favorite activities and leave them in a location where your child and nanny can enjoy them together, such as on the kitchen table or in a playroom. These activities can be fun and educational. Examples include coloring books, puzzles, DVDs, and books your child's nanny can read to or with your child. Along with making your child's time with their nanny more enjoyable, these activities will also help your child bond with their new nanny, so they look back on their time together fondly. This can help ensure your child looks forward to their future in-home childcare experiences. 

3. Create a Meal Plan & Gather all Needed Supplies

Depending on how much time your child will be spending with their nanny, they may simply enjoy a snack with them or need one or more full meals. While your nanny can prepare these meals for your child, it is a good idea to plan the meals and leave supplies needed to prepare the meals out in the kitchen. If the meals contain perishables, leave a note next to the other meal ingredients instructing your nanny where the foods are in the refrigerator or freezer. Getting organized ahead of time will help your nanny create your child's meals without having to spend too much time searching your kitchen for needed supplies.

Be sure to plan simple meals when your child is being cared for by a nanny to ensure they can continue to monitor your child while preparing them. Also, invite the nanny to enjoy some of the dishes, so they don't have to worry about bringing their own meals. 
Along with meal plan, leave a list of any food allergies your child has to ensure your child's nanny does not provide these foods to your child. 

4. Leave a List of Important Times

To ensure your child sticks to their regular schedule while you are away, leave a list of all important times in your child's schedule with your nanny. Depending on how long you will be away from home, this can include your child's bedtime, meal times, bath time, and/or designated activity times. Also, if your child takes any medications, be sure to leave these out where they are easily accessible for your nanny and make a clear list of which medication your child needs to take and when. 

Be sure to prepare well for your child's first in-home childcare experience. Contact Anytime Sitters to hire a reliable nanny for your child.